•Front of house duties

•Industrial/commercial coverage

•Vehicle escort services

•Access control/gatehouse   duties

• Residential area security

•Enhanced security clearance for   educational establishments

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Our manned security patrols can undertake, amongst other duties:


There are certain situations where a physical, human presence is a necessity.

Manual operations have to be performed, situations monitored and access controlled. Security Guards/Security Officers provide what is also known as amanned guarding service.

NSG Security provide Professional Security Guards to match your security requirements.Our Security Guards generally tend to be local people, with local Knowledge.

As well as strengthening our belief in supporting local economy, this helps to ensure a flexible approach with the ability to provide cover at short notice, available for any length of contract.

We also believe our prices are as competitive.

Expertly trained to handle a variety of different roles, from front of house to plant and machinery protection, our Security Guards are capable of quickly learning and retaining knowledge regarding usage of your in-house systems such as CCTV. Our Security Guards will integrate seamlessly into your existing setup.