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Why should you consider employing a company to perform Key Holding Alarm response duties?

With more focus on safeguarding employees after the introduction of the corporate manslaughter act 2007 it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify placing the responsibility of Key Holding with staff.

There is always an element of risk involved with attending alarm calls. Even when the alarm is false, the potential for employees to injure themselves still exists. Alternatively there may be a problem with the alarm system that requires the attendee to remain on site affecting their ability to work efficiently the following day.

For systems with police cover, Key Holders are expected to be able to attend the property within 20 minutes of the alarm being activated. For those without police cover, the risk of loss and potential subsequent impact on your business is much greater if a Key Holder can not attend as soon as possible.

Couple these facts with the continual streamlining of operations by Alarm Receiving Centres struggling to cope with ever increasing alarm traffic  (some centres will only attempt to contact Key Holders for just over an hour) it makes sense to employ a company trained to handle these situations.

From a financial viewpoint, by utilising a security company to carry out Key Holding duties, you may see a reduction in your insurance premiums – potentially enough to cover the cost of the service.

Why Choose NGS Security for Key Holding?

NSG Security are confident that the solution they provide for Key Holding is second to none. Too often clients using security companies for Key Holding are told that slow responses are all part of being involved with a “shared service” – this is used as an excuse to waiver any accountability for response times. Too often clients are overcharged for Key Holding and the service provided offers no transparency or proof of response times.