National Security

NSG Security Services provides well trained, SIA licensed and professional static security guarding for all your on-site security requirements.

National Security Group

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NSG’s SIA Home Office Approval
Cape Meridian Ltd Trading As National Security Group, Holds SIA Approved  
Contractor Status, For The Provision Of Security Guarding And Key Holding Services


National Security Group have a responsibility in protecting the public who attend the locations we supply to. All staff are trained in and adhere to the company policy of ensuring the public’s safety whilst on site and when they leave the venue. Staff working on each site will be given a reminder of the training monthly.

National Security Group works closely with all clients to ensure that members of the public are entering a safe and secure environment at all times.

Property Inspections

NSG offers practical alternatives for lower risk sites.  Our inspection teams regularly

visit your premises. They will check that protective measures are functioning, the building

is in good order and your property has not fallen victim to squatters or vandals.

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Providing highly trained professional security guards and associated
round the clock security services and for over 15 years, National Security
Group offers discreet, reliable and effective security services.

Our 24 hour guarding services operate nationwide at domestic, commercial
and industrial premises in addition to local government sites including
offices, schools and hospitals.

The manned control centre that is at the heart of National Security Group
is state of the art and manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition to co-ordinating the movements of our guards on their regular
security patrols, it is the hub of our other services including key holder
services, emergency alarm response, cctv monitoring and access / entry control.
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