National Security Group

Vacant Property Services
24 hrs A Day
365 Days A Year

Providing landlords with a secured property
service by occupation at less than one third
of the price of any regular
security company.

Empty and vulnerable property occupied
24 hrs A day 365 days a year

Vacant property is at risk of being robbed,
set on fire, occupied by squatters, damaged,
stripped out of its lighting, heating, doors,
carpets, kitchens, windows,
furniture etc. etc.

This damage always creates repairs bills and
creates the in ability to rent out
the building again quickly.


provides a guardian service to prevent
such problems with any vacant property.

We provide a tailor made service
that suits any vacant property regardless
of its condition, with or without
water, gas, electric,
or even a roof.

NSG provides a “live in” service
to any property and
is present on site
24 hrs a day and 365 days a year.

The cost of regular security
has exploded
in recent years and often not been
affordable for landlords, so the safety of the
building to protect its own inbuilt assets is
left to chance

Visible activity on a site
will always deter
would be thieves and squatters especially
if the property can be seen with occupants
within it 24 hrs a day

NSG can also provide landlords with a rent
for their empty property, as
we provide additional storage
and office space to other
companies that we have links
with and by doing this
landlords have no responsibility
for rates and general building up keep
and of course its own security.

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01600 - 717 - 257
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